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Soul Care Bendigo's Podcast: Naked

Oct 29, 2023

Drug addiction can impact so many people around the drug user, as well as the user themselves. In the first part of a two-part series, I am joined by my sister Krystal as we chat about growing up in the same family yet having wildly different experiences as children.


We go deep and vulnerable today as Krystal bravely shares her spiral into drug addiction and how it began.


Please note: this episode has trigger warnings for multiple topics. We discuss sexual abuse, drug use, prostitution, coercion, and criminal activity.


In this episode we cover:

        How siblings can have vastly different experiences of their childhoods

        Defence mechanisms

        Drug use starting small and building up

        Falling into the wrong crowd

        Living a double life

        Falling into ice and heroin addictions

        Turning to criminal activity

        Temptations from old ways

        Stories of hope from part two.


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