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Soul Care Bendigo's Podcast: Naked

Oct 29, 2023

Drug addiction can impact so many people around the drug user, as well as the user themselves. In the first part of a two-part series, I am joined by my sister Krystal as we chat about growing up in the same family yet having wildly different experiences as children.


We go deep and vulnerable today as Krystal...

Oct 22, 2023

Smiles are contagious - and when we share these it can help give us a lift. But how do we navigate helping our children connect with others, particularly when their relationships can be so dependent on who is in their class this year?


Join me as I chat about the importance of connection, happy hormones and...

Oct 15, 2023

Saying goodbye is a heartbreaking experience, whether the death is unexpected or there’s been time to say goodbye when someone is ill.


Today we look at not only the different types of deaths that you may experience through your life, but how every day can be an opportunity to make time for loved ones and show them...

Oct 8, 2023

Singing can support our mental health, our energy and most of all - make us feel good!


Singing teacher Steph Carson joins us to share her love of music and how you don’t need to be Kylie Minogue to open your mouth and sing from the heart.


In this episode we cover:

        What is a melody and a...

Oct 1, 2023

For many years in my hair dressing chair, I have been told people wish they could have me in their pocket when they need to have a hard conversation.


Tune in today as I chat about some useful ways to express your feelings clearly and concisely, using language and tone to pave a way forward, rather than pointing...