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Soul Care Bendigo's Podcast: Naked

Nov 12, 2023

Lightness always brightens the darkness and when we talk about drug abuse, there is always some light to be found amongst the illness.


Compassion and love are what drives recovery, for everyone involved. Today we reflect on my sister’s story in the past two episodes and what we can all learn from it.


In this episode we cover:

        Bringing down brick walls

        Seeing the person beyond the addiction

        All the feelings around addiction

        Generational abuse

        How significant life events split spirit

        We need people to give us a chance

        Researching drug use to allow compassion in

        Lonely children are dangerous children

        When the bad feels good

        Going beyond judgement and pain


        Social media boundaries for children

        The power of hugs and expressing feelings

        Getting back to the spirit of positivity and love.


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